Pineapplebrat is an activewear, fitness & nutrition brand created by Alice Klomp, aka the Brat Behind the Biz.  This collection of workout clothes, fitness planners, and accessories brings gym goers (and gym skippers) together– promoting realistic, balanced approaches to well-being online. 

Cover your pump in Pineapplebrat & let's get gooder together. 


Howdy! I'm Alice Klomp, the Brat Behind the Biz. 

Pineapplebrat happened as a happy accident when I met my partner, Alex, 5 years ago. I was just a little lad folding towels & working minimum wage at a local gym. We began developing each other's online presences with the intention of supporting diverse health and wellness journeys– and the rest is history. 

I have always been driven and self-motivated (at times to a fault) which keeps me on my business-tippy-toes. So, I'm excited to reintroduce Pineapplebrat as an activewear brand that everyone can enjoy– even if you're unfamiliar with my social media.

Speaking of social media– I have about 7 million followers and average 170 million monthly views & 11 million monthly unique viewers. If you don't follow me already, hop on over to Lifestyle to find my Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Snapchat to stay connected.


Pineapplebrat is an extension of my personality, interests, and values including:

Workplace and Content Inclusivity
I've worked hard to intentionally build a diverse team with bunches of perspectives and experiences so we can create content that resonates with a big ol' audience. The content you see on my platforms is meant to be adaptable to meet your preferences, creating an open dialogue to celebrate and support one another's progress.

Realistic Motivation
Our routines will not look the same. My goal is to share parts of my routine to inspire you to finding a routine you like; Setting boundaries with your schedule and practices to make your routine work for you in a way that is sustainable.

Having a Good and Okay Time
At the start of my journey, I felt that the fitness industry was rooted in negativity. But over time, I found routines that worked for me. Fitness became one of my favorite parts of my lifestyle, and now I understand that any part of the industry that doesn't make me feel good isn't for me. Some days are good, and others are just okay. But bigger picture: that's all just a part of the process, and keeping it moving makes me feel GREAT.  


Alice Klomp, CEO and Creative Director 

Alex Bozinovski, Brand Director and Vice President of Marketing

Brendon White, Supply Chain Manager

Emily Bonnell, Social Media Director

Ranbir Samra, Talent Manager

JJDVisuals, Media Editor & Commercial and Influencer Branding

Backtalk Branding, Brand Strategy & Design.